martes, 19 de junio de 2007

Classification: Essay #1 Different personalities of boys that I met

During my life I have met a lot of boys. Those boys have had different personalities. Nevertheless, I think that I am a selective girl. I like to know well the person because I have to be smart to know what a man wants of me. These days having a relationship is difficult because boys don’t want to have a serious relationship or maybe they don’t know how to work at it for this reason, I will classify three different personalities of the boys that I have met.

In the first relationship the boy was very serious. I am a person who wants to have fun every time. I like to have fun in class ; I like to have fun every place that I go. With this boy I just spoke seriously and always stayed quietly. This boy wanted to changed my personality. He wanted me going to be bore like him. Well I decided to finish with the relationship because I like how I am .

Then I met a boy that was very lazy. I also am a very active girl. I don’t know if it is a problem. I wake up early in the morning and do all my activities. Alike I have two jobs. During the week I work helping a professor,like a secretary, at the university. In the weekend I work in a pizzeria, so this type of boy was a completely loser for me. I'm independent but he isn't, his mother is always was doing thinGs for him. He doesn’t work he just pass the day sleeping and eating. Oh my God the relationship was a complete disaster, so I decided to finish another relationship
again. .

In this moment of my life I’m in a relationship. This man is undecided, I can’t understand this man because isn’t clear in his feelings. Sometimes I can perceive that he love me but sometimes I can’t feel that. Every day I talk with him, I say to him that I need to know if he really love me, but this man have difficulties to know what he feels. I love him more than any other boys that I met but I’m afraid because I don’t know if he feels the same. I hope that this man can will clear his feelings.

I know that I'm learning during my life. I just want to have a serious relationship with a man that love me and very important to me is that he respect me. This man has to love my personality and alike I have to love his personality. I hope to find this man faster because in this moment of my life I need to feel love.

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